Lecture: Memory & Forgetting
Reading Assignment 15: Remembering,...
Misremembering, and Forgetting (pp. 214-222)

I. Objectives:
At the end of the unit students should be able to:
A. Conceptualize the following terms:
a. Forgetting.
b. Flashbulb Memories.
B. Conceptualize the following terms and be familiar with the role they play in Interference Theory.
a. Interference.
b. Proactive Interference.
c. Retroactive Interference.
C. Be familiar with the three distinct Theories of Forgetting (pp. 219-220).
a. Decay Theory.
b. Interference Theory.
c. Motivated Forgetting.
D. Be familiar with the following “sins of memory (pp. 215).
a. Transience.
b. Misattribution.
c. Suggestibility.
d. Bias.
E. Obtain a broad understanding of the following sections:
a. How Long is Long-Term Memory? (pp.215).
1. Consider This: What are the benefits of //spacing//?
b. Eyewitness Testimonies (pp. 216-8)
c. Emotional Arousal and Memory (pp. 218-9)
1. Be familiar with the role that Adrenaline plays in memory?
II. References:

Required Reading

A. Kowalski, R. M., & Weston, D. (2009). Psychology: 5th Ed. pp. 214-222 (Reading Assignment 15).


A. Lefton, L.A. & Brannon, L. (2003). Psychology (8th Ed.). Allyn & Bacon: Pearson Education, Inc.